The Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing company

«The Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing company is founded by three marketing specialists that are also authors of books. Igor Mann is an author of a bestseller “Marketing to 100%” (more than 40,000 copies sold), and a co-author of “People Relations to 100%” and “Marketing Machine” books. Mikhail Ivanov and Mikhail Ferber are co-authors of “Manual for Marketing of Consulting Services” book. Before working in the publishing house, both Mikhails worked together on various projects for other publishing houses. They have initiated publishing for the following titles: “Managing the Professional Service Firm” by David Maister; “True Professionalism” by David Maister; “Practice What You Preach” by David Maister; “Trusted Advisor” by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford; “The McKinsey Way: Using the Techniques of the World's Top Strategic Consultants to Help You and Your Business” by Ethan Rasiel; “Keeping Score: Using the Right Metrics to Drive World-Class Performance” by Mark Graham Brown.»