Oil and gas direction

Oil and gas companies, like all other enterprises, require deployment of IT innovations. These companies experience daily complications of reaching variable production goals with existing productive facilities. Flexible tools for oil and gas processing automation will help solve various issues, as well as collect, analyze and protect real-time information on enterprise’s infrastructure. By using this data, the management can make strategic and tactical decisions more easily.

Modernization necessity of oil and gas company’s IT infrastructure

Currently, oil and gas industry is the central industry in the world economics, so it requires a special approach that regards all its distinctive features. The primary tasks for oil and gas enterprises are minimizing expenses, optimizing business processes, increasing flexibility, maintaining security and data protection. For this reason, the demands for workplace automation are pretty high. Because such enterprises are widely spread, and their activity affects many other entities, their infrastructure should be always ready to expand as needed and where needed.

The effective IT solution will not just allow companies to use cardinally new capabilities to increase their productivity, but also will help provide substantial economic effect. Modernization of network infrastructure will increase its stability and reliability, as well as reduce maintenance costs. Creating virtual infrastructure will increase hardware efficiency and allow outward expansion without major extra investment.

Necessity to implement an efficient IT solution

Creating a unified information space allows control over business processes and fulfilment of various requirements, including job discipline. A department manager can use this data to monitor execution of assigned tasks, as well as check result documents’ compliance to enterprise guidelines. IT solution takes care of data protection, limiting third party access to all data.

The main advantages of a complex IT-based document processing system are the following:

-          Increased speed of business processes;

-          Reduced execution time and complexity of daily routines;

-          Stability and business continuity without downtime and major failures;

-          Reduced time spent on document processing;

-          Reduced expenses and more.

This IT solution is designed for collaboration of several hundred employees or more, and is expected to be implemented in big enterprises, holding companies and other major entities. Employees can access the system from both their office and remote locations.

Upgrading or creating completely new infrastructure can help timely reconcile management decisions and control their implementation across the whole enterprise. After implementing a well-thought IT solution, the network infrastructure will improve in scalability and reliability, and maintenance costs will decrease due to more efficient use of hardware.