In 2015 Comptel launched Operation Nexterday™, which addresses the transformation taking place in the telco marketplace and presents Comptel’s assets helping operators to transform themselves to become digital telcos. ‘Orchestration from Ground to the Cloud’ is one of the key initiatives part of Nexterday story where FlowOne provides a perfect fit to meet needs of digital telcos connecting digital demand and supply.

FlowOne Fulfillment is a service orchestration solution connecting the front office business management systems with the network infrastructure. As a vendor, technology and service agnostic solution it builds a unified OSS layer helping operators to orchestrate their mobile and fixed service fulfillment for business or residential customers today and Nexterday.

FlowOne Fulfillment focuses on the key business processes or ‘flows’ accelerating operators’ service time-to-revenue, maximizing automation, eliminating order failures, disappointed customers, operational spend and lost revenue.

FlowOne Fulfillment provides a fully integrated catalog-driven, service order orchestration platform which expedites the creation, deployment and launch of converged service offerings. Federated approach to Catalogs and Inventories enables building the enterprise architecture intelligently by leveraging existing and new systems where justified. Partnering with GE Smallworld is a great example on how FlowOne integrates with the existing inventories. FlowOne Fulfillment helps telcos migrate to SDN and NFV based network architectures and thus enable further agility with the services and infrastructure optimization. In a similar way transformation in the front office systems is fully supported and enabled by the FlowOne. Pre-integration and partnering with Salesforce and Cloudsense are good proofpoints on how the CRMs move on-line, become highly automated and have constant interaction with the network.

FlowOne Fulfillment is a unified platform of five key pre-integrated modules, called as SoftBlade™ components. The FlowOne Fulfillment SoftBlade™ architecture contains separately licensable products including Order Management, Service and Resource Inventory, Catalog, Provisioning & Activation and Number Management.

The solution is targeted towards platform and smart utility type of service providers, and holds opportunity for Comptel and their partners in existing deployment upsell, service convergence and OSS consolidation.

FlowOne framework is complemented with multiple partners including Salesforce (CRM), CloudSense (CPQ) and GE Smallworld as ecosystem partners in the Enterprise Sales Transformation a. Additionally, transition towards SDN/NFV involves 3rd parties and in than space Comptel is partnering with various vendors including Intel, Dell, Redhat and Nokia.

IT Epxress, developing experience in the field of it support and network infrastructure, offers adapted to the Russian specifics the introduction of the FlowOne Fulfillment Comptel solution for building and transforming existing business processes of providing services to Telecom operators, aiming at maximizing service quality and customer satisfaction, resulting in improved key business indicators.