Financial and investments

Companies which business is strongly related to finances and investments demand automation of their business processes. An appropriate IT solution can raise sales effectiveness; marginally increase clients experience and service level; speed up document processing. Certainly, actual requirements for such solution vary by region and local concurrency, but main development direction should remain the same for all companies.


In 2015 Comptel launched Operation Nexterday™, which addresses the transformation taking place in the telco marketplace and presents Comptel’s assets helping operators to transform themselves to become digital telcos. ‘Orchestration from Ground to the Cloud’ is one of the key initiatives part of Nexterday story where FlowOne provides a perfect fit to meet needs of digital telcos connecting digital demand and supply.

Oil and gas direction

Oil and gas companies, like all other enterprises, require deployment of IT innovations. These companies experience daily complications of reaching variable production goals with existing productive facilities. Flexible tools for oil and gas processing automation will help solve various issues, as well as collect, analyze and protect real-time information on enterprise’s infrastructure. By using this data, the management can make strategic and tactical decisions more easily.


Currently, all companies purchase equipment to connect their local infrastructure to Internet. IT solution speed up various tasks for most companies, and those that work in insurance sector are no exclusion. There is always demand for insurance, so insurance companies are more stable than most in the ever-changing economics. Modern IT outsourcing solutions continue to be developed, improved and implemented, while companies accept modernization necessity.


In progress


In progress