IT outsourcing

Server (data center) infrastructure

IT-Express company’s data center guarantees service quality and reliability: client’s workspace is hosted on modern and high quality hardware, in a compartment that is secured and supplied according to highest international standards.

Organizing data protection

Data protection consists of the following elements: - Multilayered protection against viruses and other threats; - Differentiated access to information, access control and auditing; - Internet security and traffic control.

Creation and distribution of VPN networks

Using modern technologies of virtual private networks (VPN) provides background for enterprise’s dynamic expansion. This technology allows free interaction of distant offices, regardless of physical borders. This also allows enterprises to use centralized resource storage and specialized devices, like a shared client bank hardware key. VPN technologies also provide flexibility in connecting, such as mobile offices or out-of-site access to enterprise network.

IT Audit & Consulting

A complex approach to a problem is often the first step to successful solution. That’s why complex analysis of an enterprise’s information capacity and constant monitoring and control of the information flow helps in maintaining strategic course of enterprise development and effectively reaching desired goals.

Organization of physical relocation

We offer the following services concerning physical relocation: - Designing relocation projects; - Transporting and connecting appliances; - Downtime minimization and data protection while moving.