Server (data center) infrastructure

IT-Express company’s data center guarantees service quality and reliability: client’s workspace is hosted on modern and high quality hardware, in a compartment that is secured and supplied according to highest international standards.


In order to ensure uninterrupted access to your data, you should install your servers in a special environment, which has proper power capabilities and high-speed Internet access. Such environment is called a data center. These have the following set of requirements:

-          It should be located in a standalone building;

-          It should have backup power systems and other measures of uninterruptible power supplement;

-          It should be equipped with an industry standard cooling and fire protection systems;

-          It should have proper security arrangements, as an object of extended importance;

-          It should be accessible at any time for authorized personnel;

-          A high quality data center should have differentiated access control system for separate rooms and racks.