IT Audit & Consulting

A complex approach to a problem is often the first step to successful solution. That’s why complex analysis of an enterprise’s information capacity and constant monitoring and control of the information flow helps in maintaining strategic course of enterprise development and effectively reaching desired goals.

Balancing the information flow requires careful and leveled approach, therefore, tasks of infrastructure auditing and IT service auditing should be delegated only to specialists highly qualified in IT consulting. Our company is ready to help you with complex IT consulting, strategic planning of your business and thorough IT auditing. Our work is your success!

IT auditing is one of prioritized aspects of our business, because this instrument is capable of detecting hidden and potential threats, pinpointing and eliminating weak points, managing workflows in an enterprise, and allows forecasting of potential business issues.

By choosing to perform IT auditing by our company, you receive full set of information that allows you to assess your business effectiveness and potential, while maintaining data security and privacy. We also provide full report on IT-related risks. To do this, we perform the following tasks:

-          In-depth usage analysis of enterprise services and resources;

-          Complete hardware and software testing of your infrastructure;

-          Building a dependency hierarchy of used services, including their importance, information specific sensitivity and business criticality data, in scope of your business demands;

-          Assessing your infrastructure against modern service quality and security standards.

This systematic infrastructure assessment is invaluable if you are planning business expansion, or just want to be aware of its current condition. With it at your disposal, you can correct errors in your document flow, forecast business processes, save yourself from many potential risks and disasters, plan ahead to reflect major tendencies in industry and global markets.

Use this opportunity to make your enterprise more stable and competitive!