Creation and distribution of VPN networks

What is a VPN channel and how does it work?

Construction of a virtual private network usually means creation of a virtual secured data channel – a software-based route for remote access to protected environment via publicly available Internet connection. Russian enterprises have already experienced the effects of VPN implementation, as VPN greatly diminishes costs to build a secured network outside of secured area. The financial impact of VPN is most pronounced when VPN is compared to dedicated channel leasing, especially if considering security issues.

IT-Express’s software packages provide capabilities to build highly scalable VPN-based networks. These can differ from just point-to-point connection between two computers to a globally distributed network comprising hundreds of different devices. The latter scenario is suitable for any enterprise with many distant offices.

Basic advantages of VPN networks

The basic advantages of VPN channels are the following:

-          Availability to create a channel regardless of geographical distance between the endpoints;

-          Optimal choice of enterprise network with no extra bandwidth overhead;

-          Acceptable installation and maintenance costs;

-          High bandwidth;

-          No extra recurring fees;

-          Increased security (the data is encrypted within the channel, thus inaccessible to public).

IT-Express presents VPN network developing service to all its regular and potential clients. This service is highly scalable due to no additional costs for adding another workplace to the virtual network. The system is flexible, as there is no constraints on remote office location except available Internet connection. An employee can easily connect to the central office from a remote location, access his documents and mail while maintaining data security.

Our qualified service personnel perform all installation activities. They possess all instruments needed to create a VPN network of almost any configuration, which will satisfy the demands of all our clients, from small business to biggest state enterprises.