iT Support Costs

Service rate/per month, rubles
Workplace service with Windows operating system (PC, latop, monoblock 600 
Workplace service with alternative operating system (IOS, Linux) 1200 
Mobile device service (smartphones, gadgets, tablets) 600 
Telephone set service (ip) 600 
Contiguous IT-services (Internet, telephony) – interaction with service providers, controlling functions 1200 
Common-infrastructure services:
file storage; 1200 
accounting apps: 1C, bank client, the program for submission of reports – Kontur, Taxcom and more); 1200 
domain; 1200 
e-mail; 1200 
wi-fi; 1200 
active network equipment: switch, router, access point, firewall; 1200 
passive network equipment - sockets, wires, patch cords; 1200 
anti-virus protection (Kaspersky, ESET, Dr.Web, etc.); 1200 
reserve copying / backups; 1200 
AD, DNS, DHCP. 1200 
Common-infrastructure services, different from Windows:
ip-telephony; 2 400 
booking system; 2 400 
video surveillance; 2 400 
active network equipment on Cisco. 2 400 
Control and management system for access; 2 400 
the website (the support of the website which dosn't demand skills of programming). 2 400 
Peripheral devices (printers, scanners, copiers, faxes, MFP, plotters, projectors, etc.). 600 
Minimum application cost is 7500 rubles.