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Outsourcing is no longer about cutting costs and saving money. It is about how to do things quicker, more efficiently, getting to the market faster than your competitors, maximizing workforce flexibility and gaining access to highly qualified employees. Outsourcing is becoming one of the most significant business trends of this decade.

Benefits to Hiring iT-Express

Companies of all sizes struggle with escalating costs of full-time employees. Hidden behind paychecks are less visible costs. Not often considered in the decision to outsource include: hiring, training, administration, benefits, absenteeism, workspace and equipment. By some estimates, employee expenses account for up to 200% of per salary.

In addition to providing sizable financial advantages, outsourcing’s other advantages are:

  • Expertise: Harness the talent technology and expertise of niche providers and leverage best practices. Expert sources who might carry too large a price tag to employ full-time, can fit into nearly any budget on a project-by-project or as needed basis.
  • Management: Focus on the core aspects of your business and leave the worries of non-core activities to someone else without having to commit additional managers or your time to manage additional staff.
  • Personnel Flexibility: Hire specialists without being obligated to keep them on when they are not needed. It is easier to terminate an outsourced relationship than to layoff full-time personnel.
  • Capital Conservation: Concentrate financial resources on core business activities vs. investing capital in overhead, such as: office space, computers, etc.
  • Time Savings: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Someone, somewhere has done it before or developed an easy solution – why not use it?

The company “iT-Express” possesses the state of high-level specialists, having all the necessary permissive certificates.  At the present time we have collected great experience on salvation of wide range of tasks in IT-services sphere.