Orange is launching a new international cloud platform

April 8, 2014

The IT technology market continues to grow rapidly; this is especially the case with cloud platforms. Orange, the worldwide known company, accelerates this process by investing $1 billion yearly into global networking and data center infrastructure.

Thanks to Orange’s efforts, the Flexible Computing Express cloud service is now available to users in Russia. The following tasks can be solved with its use:

  • Hosting of web sites or applications that use local databases;
  • Development of high-security applications;
  • Creation of a backup data center.

This innovation for the domestic information technology market will suit those companies that plan an expansion to international markets in the near future.

The major advantages of this service are localized technical support and two-channel accessibility: via Internet and via dedicated VPN connection. Other advantages include a virtual firewall and load balancer.

The platform has an embedded anti-virus and anti-DDOS implementation, which increases the overall security of the solution. If an enterprise would implement this solution, it’ll be able to optimize its investments due to unification and centralization of its active infrastructure, and the investments into information technologies will quickly repay themselves.