Strategic tendencies in technology development for years 2014-2015

April 15, 2014

Nowadays much attention is paid to the information technology development. Different meetings and seminars are organized to discuss this particular matter. The main purpose of such meetings is developing working plans for running business in an effective manner with minimal costs. The Gartner company has designed a set of strategic tasks for each business entity in order to help all kinds of managers, beginners and professionals.

According to the designed technology, the innovations will have visible effect for the enterprise within the next three years. Combining the four aspects (social, mobile, cloud and informational) will stimulate developing and implementing innovations and help expanding current business by opening new possibilities. The primary technologies that are recommended for the strategic planning of enterprise business are as follows:

-          management of mobile devices;

-          mobile software;

-          publishing to Internet;

-          IT-outsourcing for professional infrastructure administration;

-          active usage of 3D printing to minimize costs.

It’s not absolutely necessary for the enterprise to immediately invest into all of the above technologies, but a well-thought decision is required regarding each of these, in order to effectively manage the business growth and gain profits.

Analytics say that the epoch of personal cloud will start in about five to ten years from now, that will announce transition from hardware to infrastructure services. Because of this the traditional characteristics of the devices will lose their initial importance. User would be able to work with specialized hardware which will no longer be dominated by their workstation – it will become just an element of the chain. Experts’ forecasts show that the primary role will be assigned to the personal cloud, which will provide access to store and share the data.